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Non-Corrosive: Composite (FRP) poles do not influenced any environmental effects. It is non-penshable and stainless.

Maintenance Free: No corrosion or devay ensures that the surface coat of the pole will not require maintenance.

Light Weight: Composite (FRP) poles weight is approximately 1/ 4 of metal poles. This makes easy transportation and assembling what is means more economical cost.

Non-Conductive: Perfect electrical insulation prevents accidents. It does not require to ground.

Impact and Vibration Absorber: It does not occur severe damages after crashing because of material’s impact and vibration absorption feature.

High Bending Strength: Wind pressure of 500 Pa inclusive of 0.2 m2 luminaire area it deflects %5 of the mounting height.

Versatility: With additional parts poles can used such as flag pole, lighting pole and meteorological pole.

Impact Resistant: Composite (FRP) poles show superior impact resistance due to glass fiber.

Application Areas:

High corrosive areas such as seashore and ports

Lighting applications and security systems in any kind of industrial and social facilities

Airports and military regions where radar rays are used and their direction must not be cut

Meteorological metering stations