Solar Energy Systems

Solar Street Lighting Systems
NA-ME Co. Inc. works in renewable energy systems field as planning, eng,neering, application and colsulting through following the latest developments in the world.


The batteries are used in this system are for the times when sun light is insufficient or at dark. Panels produce electric power during the day and store them in the batteries, thus the energy needed for the load can be supplied by the batteries. In the system there are also solar regulator (controller), which is the control unit protects the batteriesfr0movercharging and discharging, and inverter, which is used in applications when an alternative electric current is needed. The last component of the system is photodiot.   Sistemin son  elemanı fotodiyottur. The sytems starts working automaticly at dusk, and turns off at dawn.

According to the application style, various electronic support circuits can be implemented to the system.


Consist of;

  • GRP or Steel Pole,
  • Photovoltaic Panel (Solar Panel),
  • Battery Group,
  • Charge Control Unit (Solar Regulator),
  • Photodiyt and
  • Various Electronic Support Circuits.


The typical application areas of the Solar Lighting Systems are;

  • Parks and garden illumination,
  • City, avenue and street illumination,
  • Intercity illuminations,
  • Hotels, villages and port illuminations,
  • Mountain House illumination,
  • Earthquake and weather observation station illumination,
  • Caution and warning sign systems and project preperation for other types of energy systems other than illumination.