Benefits and Application Areas

  • Non-CorrosiveGFRP poles do not influenced any environmental effects. It is non-penshable and stainless.
  • Maintenance Free: No corrosion or devay ensures that the surface coat of the pole will not require maintenance.
  • Light Weight:GFRP poles weight is approxiametly 1/ 4 of metal poles. This makes easy transportation and assembling what is means more economical cost.
  • Non-Conductive: Perfect electrical insulation prevents accidents. It does not require to ground.
  • Impact and Vibration Absorber: It does not occur severe damages after crashing because of material's impact and vibration absorbtion feature.
  • High Bending Strength: Wind pressure of 500 Pa inclusive of 0.2 m2 luminaire area it deflects %5 of the mounting height.
  • Versatility: With additionall parts poles can used such as flag pole, lighting pole and meteorological pole.
  • Impact Resistant: GFRP poles show superior impact resistance due to glass fiber.


Application Areas:

  • High corrosive areas such as seashore and ports
  • Lighting applications and security systems in any kind of industrial and social facilities
  • Airports and military regions where radar rays are used and their direction must not be cut
  • Meteorological metering stations