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NA-ME Industrial Manufacturing and Trading Co. Inc (NA-ME). which was established in 1982 whose headquarter, molding department and metal atelier are in Ivedik Industrial Zone in Ankara, is producing FRP gratings, covers, plates and poles together wirh high density polyethylene (HDPE) gratings and plates in its factory in Baskent Industrial Manufacturing Zone in Ankara.


About Industrial Manufacturing & Production Capacity

NA-ME Co. Inc. has 12.000 m² enclosed and 3.000 m² open area both for commercial and production activities. With its qualified set-up and making successful Works on its facility areas, besides product development along with manufacturing, Na-Me Co. Inc. has been chosen by many known companies in Turkey. High quality manufacturing and good relationships with customers provide to take part in worldwide projects.

With 1-shift working, FRP gratings and covers are produced with capacity 200.000 m2 per year, FRP paltes are produced with capacity of 15.000 m2 per year, FRP poles are produced with capacity of 5.000 pcs per year, HDPE gratings and plates are produced with capacity of 450 tones per year. All product have Technical Convenience Certificates, besides the company implements TS EN ISO 9001:2015 Quliaty Manangement System’s all requirements since 2002.


About Customers

Together with investing the leading technologies of the world, NA-ME Co. Inc. is growing day by day by focusing P&D. Today the company exports 50% of its yearly production especially to countries; Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Israel, Azerbaijan, Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Denmark, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Turkmenistan and Jordan. Besides this direct export, the company works with international ships which come our ports for supplying their own necessities.

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