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What is FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastic) ?


FRP is a composite material consisting of polyester or vinyl ester resin, which is reinforced with glass fiber and increased physical and chemical strength values. FRP metal, wood, glass, concrete and so on. It is superior to other production materials with its ability to easily gain different features suitable for the purpose of use.

What is (FRP) Composite Pole?

Composite (FRP) poles are produced by centrifugal and RTM (Resin Transfer Molding) techniques with glass fiber, resin, chemical additives and pigment. 3 and 4 mt poles are made by centrifugation and 8 mt poles are made by RTM method. Intermediate lengths; 4.25, 5, 6 and 7 mt poles are produced with the addition of steel reinforcement. Composite (FRP) poles are tested for compliance with physical and mechanical standards during and after production. Due to their raw materials, Composite (FRP) poles are light, anti-corrosive, high chemical and mechanical resistance and dielectric materials. Composite (FRP) poles are produced in a circular conical geometry, monolithic.


  • Corrosion-Free  Composite (FRP) poles are not affected by outdoor conditions.Does not rot, stainless, does not oxidize.
  • Paint-Maintenance-Free Composite (FRP) poles do not require corrosion or decay by the surface and do not require any maintenance.
  • Lightweight: 1/4 of the weight of steel. With this advantage, it provides ease of transportation and assembly. The cost of shipping and makeup is low.
  • Insulating Composite (FRP) poles show dielectric properties.
  • Shock and Vibration AbsorberComposite (FRP) poles do not cause heavy damage to impacts thanks to its ability to absorb impact and vibration.
  • Bending Strength High Deflection occurs at 5% of the height of the mast at a dynamic wind pressure of 500 Pa acting on an area of 0.2 m2 .
  • Suitable for Versatile Use Depending on the purpose of use with additional apparatus integrated flag pole, streamer pole, lighting pole, meteorological measurement pole and so on. application areas.
  • High Impact Resistance Composite (FRP) poles have high impact resistance thanks to the glass fiber they contain.

Scope of application:


  • Corrosion in coastal and coastal areas
  • Environmental lighting and camera security systems in all kinds of industrial and social facilities
  • Applications that should not be interrupted by radar beams in airports and military areas
  • Meteorological measuring stations
FRP Pole