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HDPE (Polyethylene) Plates are resistant to aging. Life is calculated to be at least 25 years, but their actual performance exceeds this period. Tensile crack and crack propagation resistances are high. It is much lighter than steel, aluminum and wood and provides transportation and installation convenience.

HDPE (Polyethylene) Plates protect their resistance and performance under all working conditions thanks to their anti-corrosive properties. Impact resistance is quite high, does not show brittleness at low temperatures. Dirt-repellent, non-toxic and easy to clean. It does not smell, does not produce bacteria, is hygienic, so it can be used easily in places where there will be contact with food. With the addition of steel reinforcement, grids resistant to heavy tonnages are produced.

HDPE (Polyethylene) Plates can be produced in the following sizes and colors.

Plate Dimensions *

A (mm)B (mm)C (mm)
20 – 5010001000
20 – 5015001000
20 – 5020001000

Tolerance ±5 mm