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Our policy is to use human resources efficiently in order to become a customer-oriented company that increases its capacity, is open to change, uses its resources efficiently, is sensitive to the environment, occupational health and safety, complies with quality standards, continuously improves its technology, receives strength from its employees. The objective of our Human Resources Policy is to plan, select, recruit, recruit, assign, develop the human resources that will enable the Company to carry out the activities efficiently and efficiently, to plan, implement, determine the competencies, and to manage the competencies and performance management.


Recruitment processes are carried out via www.kariyer.net and www.iskur.gov.tr ​​for current vacancies and with a detailed CV to be sent to ik@na-me.com.tr for general applications.


An interview process is initiated with the applicants whose evaluation of their applications is positive. The interview process of Human Resources and related department manager is followed by an applied interview if necessary. The interview criteria include professional and technical knowledge, compliance with the corporate culture, analytical thinking, creativity and predisposition to teamwork. The process of recruitment of the candidates who have completed the process positively begins with the screening of the necessary health for the entry to be requested by our workplace physician.