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Solar Energy Systems

LED fixtures within the street lighting system mainly photovoltaic solar panels, battery, regulator and whether to supply the inverter supplies standard types of products integrating with composite poles that make the production sunmaktadır.ayrı of projects in the field of renewable energy,  engineering, manufacturing, its activities in the implementation and consultancy and follow new technologies in this field.
Solar Energy Systems in Turkey
Solar Street Lighting Systems in Turkey

Solar Street Lighting Systems


In the system when the sun is insufficient or especially during the night, an accumulator is kept in the system. Panels produce electrical energy during the day and store it in the battery so that the energy required for the load is taken from the battery. The system has a control unit charge control (solar regulator) circuit used to prevent damage to the battery from overcharging and discharging, and an inverter for use in applications where alternating current electricity is required. The last element of the system is the photodiode.When the day starts to darken, the system starts to light automatically and turns off in the morning light.

Depending on the application, various electronic support circuits can be incorporated into the system.


  • Composite (GRP) or Steel Pole,
  • Photovoltaic Panel (Solar Panel),
  • Battery Group,
  • Charge Controller (Solar Regulator),
  • Photodiode and
  • It consists of various Electronic Support Circuits.


Typical applications where Solar Lighting Systems are used are as follows;


  • Park and garden,
  • City, street, street,
  • Intercity road,
  • Touristic hotels, resorts and ports,
  • Surroundings of houses away from chalets or settlements,
  • Earthquake and weather observation stations with lighting,
  • Along with the warning systems and lighting, project studies are also carried out for different uses.