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  • Durable – Composite (FRP) covers have a long life and need little maintenance.
  • Corrosion Resistance – Composite (FRP) covers resist damage from the weather and from harsh chemicals.
  • No Stolen Risk: Composite (FRP) covers has not any scrap value so there isn’t any risk of stolen.
  • Light Weight – Composite (FRP) covers is light in weight, compared to most cast-iron and metals.
  • High Strength – Composite (FRP) covers can be designed to be far stronger than cast-iron or steel.
  • HighImpact Strength – Composite (FRP) covers can be made to absorb impacts.
  • NonConductive – Composite (FRP) covers are nonconductive, meaning they do not conduct electricity.
  • NonMagnetic – Composite (FRP) covers contain no metals; therefore, they are not magnetic. They can be used around sensitive electronic equipment.
  • Radar Transparent – Radar signals pass right through composite (FRP) covers.
  • Low Thermal Conductivity – Composite (FRP) covers are good insulators—they do not easily conduct heat or cold.

Applicaton Areas:


  • Industrial plants
  • Shipyards
  • Treatment plants
  • Electrical distribution and substation buildings
  • Petroleum platforms
  • Food plants
  • Chemical industry
  • Textile factories
  • Military facilities