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Solution for Your Projects

Many companies prefer metal poles in their projects because of their past habits and reasonable costs.

However, metal poles, which have many disadvantages compared to composite poles, also consistently cost because they require maintenance and repair periodically.


Composite (FRP) poles have high resistance, with high corrosion resistance, no corrosion, decay, rusting or inspecting in the areas below and above the soil.


They are lightweight, low in transportation and assembly costs, and allow you to work with less labor during future relocation or wiring / electrical installations.

Electricity Transmission-Insulating

Composite (FRP) poles do not conduct electricity, they are insulating. In this way, when used as a lighting and security pole can be used in accordance with work safety.

Does Not Cut Radar Beams

Composite (FRP) masts do not interfere with radar beams, so they can be used in airports, helicopter runways, radar stations and military areas.